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Elegance and relevance also on digital channels?
With BPS Suisse we have brought banking into social media.

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When banking enters the world of social media, creativity plays an essential role in supporting the strategy. In order to be consistent and relevant, the content must bring value to the final user.

For BPS Suisse's editorial plan, we have gathered insights and trends on relevant topics for the target community, declining them into thematic content headings that embrace the financial community present on social media.

For being interesting, the right content is the key to success.

The digital identity has been created in continuity with the existing one, maintaining a strong link with the bank's philosophy, but with some adjustments.

* social style guide / BPS Suisse/ c

For BPS Suisse, customer focus is the basis of its business. 
With our social style guide, the company's mission became the beating heart of the graphic layout.

Starting with a perfect circle, we extrapolated a quarter of the circumference, using it as a shape in all the static and dynamic formats.

The result? A harmonious and clever communication, which positions BPS Suisse as a relevant and consistent industry trend-setter for its community spread throughout Switzerland.

handDid we hit the mark?

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