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Creating the ideal habitat for a brand that makes sustainable living its belief? For Beeliving, we did it.

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Creating a brand is like building a house. Identity is the basis, its declinations the walls within which it manifests itself. But first of all, it is good to study the ground on which it rests, the logo.

In this, humans and nature live in symbiosis in the parallelism between the veins of trees and the fingerprints embedded in the profile of the letter 'B'.



For the strategy of a brand that embraces the philosophy of green building, the first step was to understand the needs, interests and aspirations of the target audience.

Then we accompanied the brand to market, defining its positioning, communication strategy and the management of its digital presence.

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Naturally Digital

The diffusion of innovative green building concepts requires widespread dissemination. Social media are the best channel to spread the message, through a clean and elegant identity.

* Website / Beeliving/ d

To give the right emphasis to a green building solution, on the site we have created interactive 3D models that compose and decompose during navigation. This solution, combined with an ecosystem of micro-interactions and animations created with WebGL, allows the user to fully dive into Beeliving's philosophy.


The brand ecosystem suits all formats effectively, maintaining a clean, visual style.

The dynamic texture becomes the symbol and linking point of the entire visual identity of the brand, emphasising the vivid connection between man, home and nature. With Beeliving, feeling at home is natural.

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